Engine Diagnostics Hull

  • Have you noticed a warning light or fault code appearing on your vehicle’s dashboard?
  • Is your engine showing signs of performance issues for your vehicle?

If so, then you probably need engine diagnostics or engine tuning services.
Engine diagnosticsHere at The Engine Doctor, we specialise in engine diagnostics, for all types of makes & models by specialist engineers. Call 07707 472 706 or email simonandrews895@gmail.com.  As a highly experienced and qualified engineer, all engine diagnostics work is carried out to the very highest standards to ensure your vehicle is in good working order, for complete peace of mind. If your vehicle’s engine has been showing signs of problems and affecting the vehicle’s overall performance, book in your service with us at our modern, spacious Hull garage for full engine diagnostic testing.

What Are Engine Diagnostics?

Just like a checkup for yourself at the doctor’s, having regular engine diagnostic testing can reveal any running problems which will help to avoid the need for additional costly repairs to your vehicle or any unwanted breakdowns whilst out on the road. Thanks to modern technical advancements within the automotive industry, your vehicle’s engine can be tested more accurately using the built-in computer system, known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU), for any notifications coming from the manufacturer. The vehicle’s historical data can also be obtained to reveal a bigger picture of the overall performance.

There are numerous fault codes which may be highlighted from the diagnostic testing carried out by an engineer. Some errors can be read in a few minutes or so. However, a ‘live’ test may be necessary to try and replicate the fault. Thankfully, at The Engine Doctor, your vehicle will be in good hands as the work will be carried out by a time-served engineer. With a background operating as an airline pilot, all types of engines and work can be carried out. If you have seen a warning light appearing on the vehicle’s dashboard we recommend not leaving it and getting it checked out by us, at The Engine Doctor in Hull. We also specialise in vehicle servicing and MOT repair which can also be carried out at our garage at the same time.

What Can Engine Diagnostics Reveal?

Thanks to the availability nowadays of computerised car components, we can accurately detect, pinpoint and resolve a range of issues which may be highlighted from the built-in microchips, sensors and processors. It is possible to determine the build-up level in an engine and problems associated with ignotion timings and coils firing, RPM levels, fuel injector’s performance, throttle opening issues as well as the positioning of the crankshaft and camshaft in the vehicle. We can then carry out expert engine tuning services to resolve any issues detected. The main benefit for getting any engine diagnostic work carried out is to receive timely alerts prior to any damage done to the system.

For any enquiries regarding our engine diagnostic analysis, engine tuning and repair services, please call our mechanics at The Engine Doctor in Hull on 07707 472 706 or email any queries to  Simonandrews895@gmail.com. Alternatively, fill in your details below and we will get back in touch as quickly as we can.